FEATURE Haring + Koren Reversible Tees

FEATURE Haring + Koren Reversible Tees

Haven Neiman

FEATURE Ready-to-Wear

Haring + Koren Reversible Tees

First coming to fruition in the 1800s, the goal of ready-to-wear apparel was to implement apparel within one’s wardrobe that remained minimal without specific techniques and fabrication. Ready-to-wear apparel became essential for everybody’s wardrobe once time progressed. Whether it's a standard tee or a pair of sweats, ready-to-wear apparel continues to maintain a stake in countless wardrobes.


Initially making its debut in 2015, our FEATURE Ready-to-Wear Collection offers premium high-quality everyday apparel while emphasizing minimalist and elevated aesthetics. As this line has continued to grow, a curated selection of our tees apply to any occasion and are worn perfectly on their own and blend seamlessly within any outfit. Two stand-out ready-to-wear tees featured in our exclusive collection are the FEATURE Haring + Koren Reversible Tees. Keep reading to take a closer look at these must-have everyday tees.


Our FEATURE Haring Tee is a premium exclusive everyday tee that is fitting for any year-round wardrobe. Cut from premium 10 oz cotton jersey, the silhouette is made for a standard fit. A ribbed neckline makes a bold statement, while a notable spotlight of the silhouette is the vintage ladder stitching that can be seen at the sleeves and hem. Additionally, the enzyme wash provides the Haring Tee’s vibrant colorway and soft-to-the-touch feel. The latest colorways added to our FEATURE Haring Tee lineup are Pigment Vintage Indigo, Pigment Deep Lichen, Pigment Cranberry, and Pigment Falcon.


The latest addition to our FEATURE Ready-to-Wear tee lineup is our Koren Reversible Tee. Introduced this spring, this exclusive tee makes a statement within any everyday apparel collection. Perfect for wearing on its own or layering with a cardigan or jacket, the tee is made for an oversized and boxy fit. Named after the famed artist Leonard Koren who is known for implementing a ‘Wabi-Sabi’ concept which means the imperfect is perfect, the short-sleeved tee is cut from 100% 9 oz 315 GSM two-ply ringspun heavy cotton jersey. When reversed, each edge and seam is exposed and shows off detailed overlock seam detailing. Reversible in its design, the silhouette is made and crafted domestically in Los Angeles, California. The FEATURE Koren Reversible Tee is available in three colorways: Genmai, Kuro, and Tofu.


Our FEATURE Haring + Koren Reversible Tees are available now at all retail locations + online. Upgrade your everyday apparel collection today by clicking here for a closer look.

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